Finding What Was Meaningful – a 2020 Retrospective

I started a “Best of 2020” list. Then, I started over. I scrapped it. Started again. I looked through my books, ran my fingers down their spines, and tried once more. I threw together a spreadsheet from Goodreads, sorted it by date, then by rating, then by author. Deleted it in frustration when the books didn’t feel the way I needed them to. I couldn’t do it.

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Exploring Trauma Through Speculative Fiction – Pt. 2

My life has been a microcosm of the systemic sexism that places all women and femme-presenting people in danger every day. I often ask myself: why me? Why did all these things happen to me, in particular? Why do they continue to happen to me, for that matter? Am I the common denominator?

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Exploring Trauma Through Speculative Fiction

When I was a freshman in high school, my Honors English teacher had a poster on her wall above the whiteboard. It was a faded yellow, with a plain, sans serif, black font. Arial, possibly, though I couldn’t say it for certain. It had been printed on a standard printer and then clumsily laminated, likely in that very building.

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