Developmental Editing Services

An in-depth review of your full manuscript with a focus on plot, pacing, characterization, and style. I will help you bring out your authorial voice and refine your story through thoughtful review and examination.

Developmental Editing:

You have a complete draft, but you need help bringing it to the next level. I will evaluate your manuscript for plot, pacing, structure, worldbuilding, and characterization.

I will note the strengths and weaknesses of your writing, the themes and topics it explores, and make recommendations as to how you might improve your manuscript.

What I Provide:

After reading your manuscript, I will provide you with:

  • A fully annotated copy of your manuscript noting both positives and negatives.
  • Final thoughts and overview in a 1 to 3 page document, analyzing the the manuscript from a holistic perspective.

My feedback will be somewhat similar to one of my more in depth reviews (example 1, example 2), except geared towards you as a writer rather than towards potential readers. Feedback will be more in depth and will note specific scenes and examples within the text. I will note the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript, the themes and topics it explores, and make recommendations as to how you might improve the story.

Turnaround time is approximately one month depending on the length of your manuscript.

Pricing & Payment:

Reading Rates

5,000 words or fewer: $50 flat rate
5,001 – 10,000: $100 flat rate
10,001 – 30,000: $175 flat rate
30,001 – 50,000 : $250 flat rate
50,001+: $300  + (# of words above 50k) x ($.008 per word)
For example, if your novel is 65,000 words the rate would be: $300 + (15k) x ($0.008) = $420

Payment Schedule

50% Down Payment
50% On Completion + Line Items
Monthly invoicing for additional services following completion


If your manuscript contains themes of sexual trauma, queer identities, or other content described on my sensitivity editing page, please let me know prior to engaging me for editing services. Prices will vary if I need to evaluate sensitive content alongside other writing elements.

If you’d like any extras, such as additional video chats or a review of updated sections after initial read-through, my standard hourly rate is $35/hour with a half hour minimum. I will confirm with you prior to beginning any extra services to be clear that you understand this will be an additional line item.

If you are economically disadvantaged, I am willing to be flexible where payment is concerned. Please include details of your situation when submitting, and we can chat about what will work for you.

Before You Submit:

Please ensure that your draft is free of major grammatical or formatting errors. If you have specific concerns, please communicate those in advance so I can focus on them in particular.

Interested in Submitting? Contact Me.