Publicity & Author Assistance

I am currently open to taking on new clients for publicity and author assistance.

Author assistants are, in essence, personal project managers. Having come from a background in project management within the tech/construction industry, I’m well equipped to help you get your life together – and to help you plan new publicity campaigns, develop an author brand, and improve your writing as an editor or beta reader.

I also promise to be nonjudgemental. Do you have an email inbox with unreads in the five digits? Is your calendar a mess (or nonexistent)? Maybe you’ve found yourself buried under the stresses of social media and are at your breaking point? Tell me where you’re struggling, and let me help you.

A non-exhaustive list of things you, as a creator, can outsource to me:

  • Maintaining social media presence
  • Graphic design & brand management
  • Event publicity
  • Acting as a “buffer” to minimize online parasocial relationships
  • Development of a newsletter template
  • Beta reading a manuscript
  • Process development for personal and professional projects
  • Calendar management
  • Patreon posts and updates
  • Travel planning and booking
  • Wikipedia page updates
  • Minor website updates
  • Major website redesign and updates (per project basis)
  • Finance spreadsheet updates

My schedule is flexible, and I am always happy to figure out what works best for you. Let’s build a new way of creating together.

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